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Our Taxation Services:

1. Computation of Personal Taxation.

2. Computation of Corporate Taxation, as well as related taxation schedules.

3. Completing annual Form C / C-S & Appendixes in compliance to IRAS.

Why Outsource your Taxation to Us?

Corporate Taxation:

– Majority of the new setup companies and even existing companies overlook their corporate tax due to the their busy schedules.

– Form C and Form C-S are not easy to prepare as they require a lot of document preparations, such as tax computation, capital allowances, enhanced allowances, expenses schedules, etc.

– Lack of knowledge in taxation regularities. Thus, it is advised to engage the tax services of a professional firm.

Personal Taxation:

– An individual’s personal income tax, in Singapore, is based on calendar year.

– The yearly individual personal tax returns must be lodged with IRAS by 15th April in the consecutive year.

– Failure to file your personal tax returns on time, will result in fines, penalties or even summons in some situations.