In order to authorize your tax agent to act on behalf of you and e-file your tax return (Form C-S/C), you can follow the steps below:

Steps: Authorise third party via EASY (e-Services Authorisation System)

Step 1 – Details required:

  1. Your organisation’s tax reference number (eg. ROC 201013266Z)
  2. Your organisation’s e-service Access Code
  3. (If you forget or do not have the Access code, you can fill up the form at the link below and email to
  5. Your personal tax reference number (eg. S1234567A)
  6. Your personal Singpass or IRAS Pin

Step 2 – Log in using your Singpass at the link below:

Step 3 – Authorise third party – our firm:

  1. In the EASY log-in Menu, chose “Authorise staff/third party to act for my organisation
  2. matters”
  3. Key in your company’s tax reference number (UEN LOCAL CO.) and EASY Access Code.
  4. In the EASY Main Menu, please click “View/ Edit/ Delete Records of Authorised Staff/ Third
  5. Party”
  6. Then click “VIEW ALL”. If you can see previous tax agent’s record, please delete records
  7. by, checking [/] box at the first column for the particular staff / third party and click on < Delete
  8. Record>.
  9. Please click “Main Menu” and select “To Authorise – Third Party”
  10. Key in Third Party Tax Ref (UEN LOCAL CO. 201662412K) and select “INLAND REVENUE AUTHORITY OF SINGAPORE” and click “NEXT”
  11. In the “List of Services”, please complete the following:
  12. – Select “Corporate Tax Matters” only;
  13. – Effective Date of Authorisation “FROM” – key in the current date you are authorising in dd/mm/yyyy format;
  14. – Leave the “TO” date blank;
  15. – Select “e-Filing of Forms/Applications/Objections”;
  16. – Select “Role” as Approver
  17. – Effective Year of Assessment “FROM” : As per your requirement & “TO” : Leave blank
  18. – Click “Save”